Rasna Bhasin

Rasna Bhasin illustrated by Lokesh Padmashali

| a good sense of distaste. |

Carrie Bradshaw (of Sex and the City fame) is very often compared with Rasna Bhasin except, Rasna’s idea of Mr. Big is way more ambitious than Chris Noth. Rasna, a Fashion Media Communication graduate is a wanderer with an unhinged mind, perpetual hyperactivity and an opinion, on just about everything. The list of men seeking her is considerably long but she has torn her heart into two and saved a piece each for Marc Jacobs and David Beckham. Marc, for when (and if) she works with him and Beckham, for when (and definitely) she works on him. Her previous blog www.cantsaywhatisay.tumblr.com has got rave reviews since no one can say what she says better than her. But a website with her ‘name on it’ and more space, is what she thought would satiate her and that is what gave birth to the idea of www.rasnabhasin.com, which will be a consolidated place for all her old and new writings. She doesn’t believe in plagiarism, in fashion or writing (and doesn’t forget to give credits, deserved or undeserved). Your fan mails and hate mails are both welcome rasnabhasin@gmail.com, although hate mail make her feel much more loved.

Currently Rasna, consults brands independently on Digital Marketing & Social Media. She also is the Digital Editor for Harper’s Bazaar Bride, India.

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